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Who the hell am I?

If number’s don’t define me

If my body doesn’t define me

If my appearance doesn’t define me

If money doesn’t define me

Then what makes me who I am?


No one is themselves anymore

Teens these days have so many voices in their head

Some louder than others

Creating a sound so loud that they can’t even hear their own thoughts

They are drowned in all the expectations

They forget how to breathe for themselves

Schools and teachers have us thinking that if we don’t pass highschool

We won’t be successful and have a life

My parents are in my ear constantly, but subtly swaying my opinions

about relatives and friends

Even about my own fucking body

They talk about how bad a person is

But isn’t that my own judgment to make?

We are all brain washed by at least one thing






That we lose ourselves in the process

So many voices

So much love for different things

That we forget about ourselves

So we are constantly asking

Who the hell am I? 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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