The wind drowns me

I'm gasping for a breath of fresh air


as if im in an ocean so deep I can't see the light

it's dark

should I let the air leave me 

let myself go

The wind blows

and as it touches my skin

I feel a burning sensation 

it's eating at my stomache 

The light is off but my eyes wont close 

wires keeping them open  

mind racing 


 it's hammering at my head 

it's heating up


my eyes are blurred from the tears

but still i see the words, the equations, the formulas, the rules, the tardies, the grades, teachers,

the fake smiles

The fake smiles I give to not alert anyone what I'm feeling 

what im hiding

what it is im feeling

what am i feeling? 

when is tomorrow coming

I crave sleep

oh shoot, I have an assignment due tomorrow

I can't go to sleep just yet

I'm Drowning

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