There was a time when this land would flood.

Be saturated, soaking in thick black mud.

The golden sun could not shine 

through the iron silver that tarnished the sky.

So every night I'd kneel and pray

for God to take the rain away.

Until the time God promised this:

tomorrow he'd bring eternal bliss.

Morning comes, and I awake 

to a beautiful sight, my breath it did take.

The shining sun melts blade grass dew

refracting light, revealing rainbow hues.

God's creatures sing and dance about,

blissfully ignorant of the impending drought.

The years go by, but sun does not

It shines forever bright, flood years forgot.

Water sucked away from even the stones,

flesh clings to marrow and skin to bones,

but even though this slow treacherous pain 

we desire the sunshine's drought over unending rain.

But I, secretly, for it is a sin,

pray for the rain to come again


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