Hello Alejandro my old friend, 
it's half past five, 
but the blaze of the sun is blistering still, 
the soil of your cornfield is cracking wider, 
the leaves of rolling grasses are dying faster, 
it's unusual, 
it's the rainy season, 
but there's no rain, 
everybody is looking for rain, 
rain, rain and lots of rain, 
yet rain is not coming, 
take a rest for a while, 
let's go to the terrace of your hut, 
I love to drink coffee with you, 
and talk about rain.

it's quite amazing, 
torrential rain devastated some parts of the country, 
it was just yesterday, 
houses submerged by heavy flooding, 
but there is no rain here, 
rain, rain come again.

The wild spirits in the forest, 
calm and still, 
but irked by human wickedness, 
and they sent drought as punishment.

Perhaps there is truth in your surreal thought, 
look at the valley my friend, 
it is where we used to hunt wild boars, 
but mosses, orchids and rivers are dead, 
the forest is gone, 
influential political families abuse it, 
it is denuded, 
naked like whores, 
everything is denuded, 
its soil is colored chocolate, 
it's dead and very gone.

My trusted friend, 
deforestation gives us climate change, 
can't you see? 
Weather conditions are too extremes, 
soon everything will dry up and gone, 
and we will be gone.


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