Tug of the hoodie, up and at em’ boy

This is a setback; hell, the nights still younger than we are

Huddle for the cuddle, group shot, 3 quick clicks, done

Red eyes removed at the touch of a button


And I’m tumbling homeward, bottle clenched in sweaty palms

Whilst the world is spinning faster than I can take it

Off the ride, face down, hard ground, out for the count once more

The phrase ‘utter disgrace’ loops the brain


Wheelchair legs finally go as he’s

Kicked to a curb, soft and embracing to

This booze hound clown who’s had his day

Pack up your show, lights down, it’s over, pass it along


To the angry young men, their shatter bands breaking

The glass that holds us, ripping me to ribbons on the pavement

The pain is excruciating

As cast iron guts are melted down for scrap


20 pack cancer burns a hole in the pocket

But who cares? Numb tongue on tap

Had me going unto the breach once more

Hit the floor, this T-shirt’s ruined


Remember your name son?

It’s all gone blank.

Torch to the eyeballs, but no-one’s home

Keep walking sir, it’s nothing to see.


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