Drifting Mind

A gate opened to the fields of the unknown. Oblivious to what is waiting to come; brings fear. The fear of trying to expect the unexpected. Only God knows. He who knows but never tell; even when begging for a hint of the future. But only the past seems to reappear in the picture. The image you would consider more of a nightmare that you can’t seem to wake up from.

Common sense...Is it born naturally or artificially made? Its  like Technology, everybody has it but some don’t seem to use it. As technology enhance common sense seems to be falling towards extinction by the decades. The disadvantage of a man-made object that tests the mind-of-the man its self. So is it here to help strengthen us or help to slowly weaken us?

Memories sink in... But can you remember us before we were? The Big Bang or the Apes Revolution...either way, we’re here. With webs in between each finger.(Lay your hand in front of you and look from your nails to your wraist) Did you ever wonder? As people we walk on land but then we were like animals, so did we ever live in water?

Thoughts rambling...answer seeking...questions never answered. But we all believe in the same thing. GOD...So may your answers behold you and your mind comes back in one piece.


MVP-Most Valuable Poet

every question leads to an answer

some answers are obvious

some answers you have to find your way

this poem talks about from my perspective direction

keep writing-like the poem

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