Covid-19 takes a toll, 

everyone wearing a mask-doing their role,

walking apon the ground of America´s soil,

People socially distancing is like water and oil,


inside a bubble,

no harm-no trouble,

like no pain-no gain,

so, why complaain?


disappearing into the shadows,

yet everyone and nobody knows,

is this the way it always goes,

It has it highs and lows,


no paper and pen,

they say it is all electonically,

haven´t been out much lately-has anyone been?

does this mean ccovid is going to win?


Taking in my surrounding,

it is filled with paper and my heart pounding,

they say we don´t  want your creativity,

so I move on to a different activity,


it is crushing,

no point in fussing,

I am lost in the wind,

 get the drift,

Yet I have hope I will find myself aagin.


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