Drear Mom

Mon, 07/22/2013 - 14:41 -- kianne


I know you cant be here
I know you dont know how i feel
I understand that you cant be here
But no matter what,I know you care
After all my pain and hate I finally realized it's not too late
I think about you all the time
Now I just leave the past behind
I know you've done all you can
You put me in better hands
and even though I was scared
I learned to just hide my fears
Because thats was then and this is now
You will never see me frown
Im smiling outside but inside im hurt
Sometimes I even feel like dirt
I said I hate you and I didnt care
But what I mean is I need you here
I lie in bed thinking of you
And all of the things we have been through
You're my mom and I know you care
But you only tell me what I want to hear


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