Dreams in Process

Wed, 06/26/2019 - 22:22 -- app722

I was tiny, I was crying,
The smiles were all shiny.
I saw a man and his wife,
It was my first day of life.

The first pretty daughter of four,
My mom always loved me more.
My first years were in the peak,
My wishes I started to seek.

Different from all girls,
Considered as a pearl.
Desires were in process,
and a world waiting to impress.

At 1 year, beginning school,
How surprising and cool.
The place where I discovered,
things that made me feel as a lover.

At 6 years, Elementary was there
It was like a beautiful love affair,
Teachers’ love was sincere,
The smartest girl, it was clear
With classmates, just sharing air.

Just one year enjoying school,
When something suddenly occurred.
A grandmother almost unknown,
Made us abandon our town.

Mexico, where my parents were born,
We came to see Grandma for a last time.
When she died, we felt a deep mourn,
Although her closed eyes were divine.

Return to home, impossible to be,
A new life, possible reality to see.
New everything, different place,
A grand work to easily face.

I knew how to my life adapt,
Even though I was almost inapt.
Someday I will definitely grow,
To my United States I will go.

A child in this point of life,
Continuing with the school.
Obeying every Time each rule,
Succeed was the best fuel.

At 12, Middle school time came,
Surrounded by changes and shame.
Kind guiders, I had in each class hour,
I commenced to open as a flower.

At 15, High School was calling,
Medicine dreams were woken up.
Lack of money wanted me to give up,
dad just wished the best for my future,
but instead of science classes, computers.

Two years of time to this I dedicated,
My mind and ideas never hesitated.
Graduation and admissions were soon,
My fears were the size of the moon.

Still the best of the entire class,
But clear and decided as a clean glass.
This wasn't for me, I thought,
After years reflecting a lot.

A mere solution, just one,
go back where I was from.
Family, sorry my 5 dears,
But I have to pursue my career.

A Junior year in High School I spent,
Since to the United States I was sent,
Unexpectedly, I kept the excellence,
I felt the highest pleasantness.

Today I'm writing this story,
Not to presume a huge glory.
Just to show a peace of dream,
that I'm willing to always lead.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
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I hope you people enjoy it, my heart is in here

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