The thought that gives you a choice
To state your opinions that you voice
Dreams are hopes and fantasy lands
When your mind sends you to a place that is grand

Dreams happen when you are sleep
Dreams happen when you eat
Inspiration doesn't have to be a dream
You yourself are your supporter or maybe your team

Being independent has it's best interest
Unless of course you want your interest on Pintrest
Follow your heart they all want to say
Work your butt off and don't always find the easy way

Hard work is noticed when making dreams come true
Let's turn that dream into a reality just for you
You be the one to succeed and conquer
With the help of God our Father

Follow this saying Trust and believe
And most definitely you will receive
For with God all things are possible
And nothing is left to be impossible

There's a solution to every dreamer
Stay on track and stay a believer
You might as well stop if your heart isn't in it
It's 100 percent take it or live it


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