I am an antique clock

All brass tick tock clogs

Counting down

Time bomb in my chest


I am all architecture

Brick and stone

Stucco and Adobe

Glass and Steel

High rise and one story

Carved facade and islamic detail

Hindu points and Santa Fe turquoise 

Exploding in my chest

Fractal shattering into my drawings

This is my joy

Everyday hit of happiness

I want to build up

From all the times I have been torn down

Build monuments to my own greatness

Shouting to the sky that I have not given up

That I will not be weighed down by the shattered glass of my past


I am old, sad things


Waiting to be discovered

Waiting the the small gasp of an "oooh"

And the click of a camera


I am waiting

For the moment when I can prove my own greatness to myself

To prove that I am worth the sweat on brow and palm

Worth the long nights and dark circles

Worth my triumphant finally

I am a poem stuck in mouth

Waiting to be written

Waiting to break out and fly



Oowee I love the ending on this one!!!

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