Have you ever just dreamed big? I have since I was a kid. To grow up dreaming to be a celebrity.

Then I realized, nah that's just not me. My momma explained to me, that knowledge will always be the key.

Sitting at home with a book opened wide, not in the room with my legs spread wide.

The only thing that should of been opened was the book, if I didn't then she would of gave me that look that I hated.

Then I would be old like dang, I could of made it. Dreams are real, all you gotta do is believe it, not sit on yo behind, when you could achieve it.

When you feeling down take a good look around and know that you are not alone. But you gotta get in a zone.

Look at all of the things that you could own. Its not just about having a big house and fast cars. Its about learning a lesson to be a blessing.

To give back to  the community. When you do, you will  feel so free, cause you helped someone else, when you share your wealth.

Dreams are bigger than you no. Dont throw away your money to put on a big show. Dream a little, and they will come true, all you gotta do is take a good look at you.

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