Dreaming of That Day


I dream of a day

When "coming out of the closet"

Isn't even a thing anymore.


When "straight" is just a direction,

"Gay" just means cheery,

And "bisexual"

Isn't even a word anymore.


When people look at someone

And see a human,

Instead of a stigmatized word

Defining that person's way

Of loving other people.


I dream of a day

When a man

Can hold another man's hand,

Without the people around them 

Whispering "Oh my god, is he gay?"


When a girl can kiss another girl

Without being called sluts

Or attention whores

Or "barsexuals."


I dream of a day

When love is simply that,


Not something political, 

Or religious,  or controversial, 


But just something beautiful

Between two beautiful

Human hearts.


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