A Dream to be Happy

Wed, 03/02/2016 - 22:25 -- moopoop

What i need All i need is the very thought that keeps me from losing my sanity
The thought that maintains my constant feel of vanity
The idea that in the long run, it'll be all worth while
The idea that in the distant future where my thoughts and doubts are balled up in a small trash pile
The assured feeling that my life does have meaning
The theory that all i have done has not been fro naught
That every path I have taken has come to life and has been awaken
That every doubt of my mind will be whisked away
That that everyone i hold dear assures me that it will be okay
That same thing we all generally want
The very dream we all want to flaunt
This very dream if come true everyone will heed
The dream to be happy is all I'll ever need.

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