The Dread-lock Goddess

At the roller-rink I was 

skating like a total winky dinky dork 

I could hardly 

keep my balance 

and boy was it a challenge 

Finally I got the chance to sit 

and watch the skaters with 

a friend 

That's when I saw her 

a golden-beauty 

the longest dreads i'd ever seen on 

a girl, sporting a 

green and blue collar shirt , 

with baggy pants. Tattoes all 

around her arms and legs 

A true stud she was 

but she still held the feminem beauty of a 

lovely female 

tall, skinny like a gifaffee's neck 

you bet! 

Such pretty eyes she had 

Long lashes and hazel eyes 

I took all this in 

the moment she walked 

through those doors, to the moment 

she walked past me with a toddler 

running ahead of her 

I couldn't help but smile 

even as my friend stared in pure digust 

of this woman's interest in the same-sex 

In her mind she was nothing more 

than a "dike" as others viewed 

her or a social outcast.... 

but I didn't see her 

that way, She was 

a person, wanting to take a spin on the roller-ring 

with her skates. 

Why did people like my friend have to stare at 

this "mo-more-than 23 something" stud? 

She was far more beautiful and attractive 

then some of the dudes here....I was 

glad she was there, she was great eye-candy 

I just wish society would accept her too...

even if she was into girls 


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