Drama of the Real World


United States
40° 36' 15.2388" N, 74° 0' 9.36" W

Every day you wake up trying to make it in the real world
And the real world turns its back on you
You have no choice but to sit here and cry
And here we are in the same situation, just you and I
Trying to be somebody you’re not
And walking around the school like a big shot
We have similar problems of jealousy
But unlike you I get over it, allegedly
People have been talking about you
As if you were William Shakespeare when he wrote Taming Of The Shrew
You look at your future and see there’s nothing there
And get a chill down your spine like a midnight scare
Forced to think you are the king of the school
When in reality no one looks up to you
You envy me in every way
As if I were to live on Judgment day
How can you be so small, but yet so strong?
Looks like I underestimated you, guess I was wrong
How do I deal with this?
I stand with my back against the wall and I face my fears
I’ll swallow my pride before I swallow a tear
That’s why I’m the king of this school
Just kidding, April fools.


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