Thu, 07/14/2016 - 02:35 -- Cmarler

Positivity what is this
In a world of unequality and hate
How to find one self in a world of
lost souls and identity how to succeed
when so many have fallen through the cracks
into the dark void and shunned down upon
to only awake and see the darkness
in the beauty of the world
and the lies behind every smile
hate behind everyones eyes.
to struggle to be ones ownself
with in a world that is lost
in the figment of everyones dreams
and memories to
ride the tide of lost souls and
damaged hearts to feel
the pains of every day life
How can one escape the tide of
dread and return to a
state of self worth and
happiness that has once been
drained from his soul and left
a husk of his former self.

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