Tue, 08/27/2019 - 19:36 -- Mej021

Count Dracula is a tale which is thousands of years old

But yet we don’t understand why he seems so bold

Sneaking around in the middle of the night

Drinking blood and giving everyone a fright


Here, just recently, came the turn of the century

And poor old Drac was filled with misery

After hundreds of years filled with nothing but hate

Dracula decided it was time to do on his first date


While on the town, the clock struck the midnight hour

And our new and improved Drac came across a girl who wasn’t sour

Her eyes sparkled like stars in the night

To Dracula, this was love at first sight


He held his head and moved to her with pride

As Dracula approached, it was obvious to him that the girl had sighed

He said, “ Why do you sigh when there is such a lovely moon out tonight?”

She looked at Dracula and replied “I know who you are with your pale skin and hatred for light


You are the one and only vampire king because of you I do not wish to sing

With lack of recent activity, my entire family had hoped you died not so blissfully

You killed my killed Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles

For this you must pay, a life for a life.”


With that being said she took out a stake

It was not at this time Dracula knew his fate

Dracula’s hands were now tied

And with a quick flip of her wrist, Dracula turned to ash and died.



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