Down the Road

Once overflowing with innocence
High school was supposed to be pure bliss.
Home by ten and sweet as could be
Friday nights started out with hanging on sweet tea
Time went by and the pressure got heavier.
“Drink” they said, “It’s the only way you’ll have fun.”
I drank.
I drank more
Just one more sip
Who have I become? A complete mess
A party every other weekend,
Sorry mom and dad, I know I’m causing you stress.
Just give me time and I’ll find my way.
A few months down the road I’ll realize my actions
A few months down the road I’ll regret everything I’ve done
Just give me time, I need to learn the definition of fun.
Just give me time, I’ll understand how stupid I truly was.
I understand now, the trouble I’d be in if I was caught by the fuzz.
I understand now, the risks to being young and drunk.
With a car torn to shreds, on a wire fence my love is hung.
What have I done?
What do I do?
I wake up and I remember to listen to you.


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