The Door

The heart is a rich, oak door

Locked from the inside out

Love is a living, passionate wind

Touching the door but lacking the key


You see, I locked the door before to keep from the robbers and rain

Every time I hear the wind, I am sure one will come in

So I pull the door tighter. Safe but in chains

Hurting I am, though there is no one to blame


So I unlock the door. Step back. I am frightened.

Push it some more, now my heart becomes lightened

I have let myself free—a true act of love

A place of love so obscure, yet pure as a dove


The threshold is crossed. All or nothing response

Love is electric—impossible to contain

Even if you push me back to that rich, oak door

I will never allow myself to be trapped as I was before


I tell you because I love you

And trust you with my life

But my life is not yours to take nor is yours mine to keep

We are one yet two, both equal. We exist in harmony


Please remain yourself: open, clear and free

Don't allow me to lock you in your door and please do not lock me

Find love within yourself. Remain electric and constant like the mind's biology

For if you go searching for an external energy, you are just a man made battery


I love you. And because I love you 

I won't push you toward the door

I won't be the robber or the rain

But I will unlock the door and let my heart pour

Because I have everything to gain




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Our world
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