Dont you miss it


Don’t you miss it mommy

The fights and the lying and the crying

Don’t you miss it mommy where everyday ill ask you to go places and you would say no

Don’t you miss punching me when I miss behaved?

And you only did that cuz I was to big for a belt

And I remember the time you said you would get a bat next


Don’t you miss all the disrespect?

Don’t you miss all the worries you felt

Don’t you miss it mommy

Don’t you miss us?

Don’t you miss the bickering?

Don’t you miss throwing self at Alaynah

Pulling your hair out cuz she drove you crazy


None of it I know you miss

I wish we could’ve done better before burying you

But all the worries left for you when you passed

So I guess your alright

But I miss you mommy

The hugs and the kisses and the pep talks

The advice you would give was best of all

We miss you mommy and we’re sorry for the things we did

My God we miss you mommy!

Hope in your grave you miss us

I miss your love

I love you mommy


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