Don't Tell Me Your Done

Don't tell me you're done
you can delete his number a million times or none you claim you're not looking at his Snapchat's you still check on his status updates
You analyze every word try to read in between the lines
don't lie to me, don't lie to yourself, it's not healthy he's not healthy for you
claim you don't care so why are you still reminiscing on the times you "shared"
don't accept that, when you know he doesn't even want you, don't do that
when he doesn't even appreciate you, takes you for granted but acts jealous when you start to get attention cause he starts to panic he doesn't want anyone else to have you & you let him win
time and time again I try to put it pass you but here we are back at step one
So what are you looking for? You told me you wanted commitment
But what did you really mean? Cause all I see is commitment to the unseen, he won't even take you out, hasn't met a single friend
we might know his name, but that doesn't mean a damn thing
Now I know you didn't ask for this
& I'm tired of giving my opinion
cause if you would've listened the first three times I bet you wouldn't be crying again


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Our world


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