Don't Stop

Fri, 08/01/2014 - 01:31 -- esaitoh


It stops for no one, they say

And it doesn't,

Really I know.

One day,

you'll wonder what you're going to do-

Going to do about the next ten years of your life

When you can barely even see the next month.

Next month,

You'll just have less time to get it all sorted,

And you wonder if you will ever be

half as brilliant,

Half as talented,

Or half as successful,

As the people marching straight ahead

Never resting,

Already knowing what to do.


And one day,

Life is going to throw so much on your plate,

Things that you can't even begin to consume,

Things that will make you so overwhelmed,

So tired,

That you'll just want to cover your ears, close your eyes,

whisper, beg, scream for everything,

The people, the emotions, the mistakes, the time, the movement, the noise, the world, to just




Just for one minute,

so you can rewind, and be a kid again,

So you can do everything you could have done

to prepare you for all of this,

To figure out who you're going to be

Before you start your own journey,

Or maybe just to do the things you want

Without a care in the world.

Because being a kid, you only worried

For about a minute or two.


But it won't stop.

It won't.

Because life stops for no one.

Believe me, I know.

And what I've come to learn,

Is that one day,

You'll want to put the brakes on everything,

And maybe you'll want to crash.

But you just have to take a deep breath,

And keep going to the end,

Most things won't happen as you planned,

And you'll be hit by so many storms,

But I promise,

amongst all the chaos around you,

There. Will. Be. Beauty.



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