Don't Forget



Children screaming

Children crying
Evil striking
Children dying
How, I ask,
Is such a thing done?
27 dead 
And all before lunch.
18 were children,
Children so small.
Please tell me how does humanity
So deeply fall?
No one was left
Unharmed that day.
They heard their friends dying
Over the PA.
Children so innocent
I don't understand
How he could steal that away
He was a monster, not a man.
Yet I weep for him too.
I guess that's just me.
I'd never wish Hell
On my worst enemy.
But seriously, CHILDREN?!
How dare that cruel beast!
Lord, God Almighty, 
Bring those poor families peace.
I think of the presents
That'll never be unwrapped.
11 days before Christmas,
27 families have gaps.
I think of the parents
Who kissed their children goodbye
Then sent them to school
Not knowing it was the last time.
I think of each tragedy
That's happened before.
People tire of hearing it
And soon start to ignore.
But to the people affected,
The damage is fresh.
They're all that's spoken of one day
And unheard of the next.
We promise them our help,
Our prayers, and our love,
But abandon them all
When healing's barely begun.
It happens every time,
And it simply must stop.
We can't just get bored
And let Newtown's story drop.
We can't let ourselves be
Too busy to care
Or move onto new news
And forget what happened there.
I know that it's Christmas,
And you wanna keep it light.
But maybe this year
Shouldn't be a silent night.
We've gotta tell the story.
We've gotta help our Newtown friends.
We've gotta restore peace on Earth
And goodwill to men.
We've just gotta help them
However we can.
We can't let them fade
Behind our Christmas plans.
We wanna ignore it
And get lost in Christmas cheer
'Cause it's painful to think of,
But think how they're hurting this year.
Merry Christmas, Newtown.
Sleep in Heavenly peace.
We'll take care of you
And won't forget in 2 weeks
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