don't ask don't tell

too happy, he hides away

from troubled eyes, he needs love

affection, to change direction,

he craves attention,

but he can't speak,

he has money but he can't give,

the love that he wants to,

it hurts

one man to keep him on track,

Gunny, I can't tell,

Would you lose trust in me?

Would this fine line break?

How much more of this pain can I take?

I can't breathe, I can't sleep

I hide behind jokes, women-

all lies,

you are the only one for me,

Gunny, I-

Can't say it why?

You're only a bit older

The greatest man I know,

Kept me on track,

Won't send me back

Gunny, I-

And I can't be parted,

Once this is started,


I love you.


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