I am done

Feeling neglected, dumb, and used

Who are you to laugh, eat  your cake and have it to?


I am done

Being told who I am is not who I should be

Did it ever occur to you that in everyone should be personality?


I am done

With your schemes for attention

You're not a "player" but you need love and affection


I am done with the lies and guilt trips

Because you're a guy, you can do whatever you want?

Reality hits youand you realize girls can do the same.


The very script you wrote

will soon be changed by the actors opinions

The very play that you think you are directing,

will be the one you star in, notoriously.


Don't be too comfortable with the shades of color you see

Because much deeper is a pure, rich, and luxurious color that is all me.

Will you be the one to see it?

I thought so

But you didn't.

That's why, I'm so DONE.


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