The white society is always telling us “Sit there and own it” (Suri)…and to that I say “What do I have to sit down for, if we don’t own anything?”

It makes me feel angry and disgusted at the society I live in (Loriel)…that I have to look down at the white dominance like a child being reprimanded.

To them I’m a stranger (Shaq)…always approaching me in a half-hesitant sort of way (Dubois)…like I am something extraterrestrial, something unknown.

We try to become what someone else wants us to be dark, light, skinny, rich, or smart (Ashely)… and it makes me wonder if they truly know what it means to be white. (Lyndsey)

That the privileged hand is given to them with the eternal glory while we, the unknown, get the crumbs, desperately trying to feed our own society.

They are the ones who believe people like me, aren’t trying hard enough, don’t want it bad enough. (Ixchel)…Don’t they know that the Negro blood has a message for the world (DuBois)?

That we have so much potential to succeed as they do.

 But they have no idea that OUR ladder is made of broken, jagged glass, rusted nails, and slick from used motor oil (Ixchel).

And then they say “I’ve never really thought, at least not critically, how others view my pale shell” (Brittanny)

Instead they should be saying “I’ve never seen myself through the eyes of people of color” (Brittanny)

Compare this to the way a black person has to wake up and see the shade of their skin that is forcefully accepted and a nuisance to the world around them (Kiana)…and then

We experience the pain and confusion of being left out of something because we are different (Lyndsey).

And that is when white dominates over the rest of us because…

We are constantly surrounded by people who don’t understand (Ashley)…and it’s tough to be something that society looks at and immediately points the finger (Mark).

This poem is about: 
Our world


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