For The Dogs That Are Dogs

Wed, 02/10/2021 - 01:49 -- KhaiK

Laying on the floor,

scattered, dismantled,


laying on the floor.

Not that it hasn’t happened before, 

because it has.

I managed to get through it,

hardly whole again, 

still missing pieces.


Gathering isn't the hard part,

connecting the parts that I gather is, 

finding what fits where

Who matters most.

What matters most.

Who is no longer needed.


People shouldn’t be disposable,

but they are.

I’m not saying it’s right,

but sometimes it's not wrong.


Laying on the floor

gathered into sections.




maybe, maybe it’s a part I still need.


Or maybe I could leave it,

for the dogs.

That are hungry, 

that are lonely, 

that have feelings.


Everything has feelings.

Feelings that can't be pushed aside,



Address them, those feelings.

work with them.

live with them.

learn with them.


You're an object,

if you don't have feelings.

Feelings make

people, people.

dogs, dogs.

fish, fish.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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