Does Love Really Make the World Go Round?


It was once said in a lovely song

That love makes the world go round

But what happens if we lose all faith

And can no longer find happiness or love?

Has the world become so full of hate?

That it just sits awkwardly on its side

Waiting to be cleansed of all hate and pride?

This must be changed, and it must be quick,

We must remember an easy trick.


I write here this moment to tell of what matters most,

Though I fear it has become as forgotten as a wandering ghost.

People seem to forget these days, of what had once brought them together

They seem to lose track of the much larger picture.

It is not money, clothing, or shoes

Or how well you look or the friends you choose.

 They simply need to remember one thing

The thing so bright my heart could sing.

They must remember love and happiness

That can hold you in a warming grasp.


When we were young and ran carelessly

 We didn’t stop to think or see

The problems of the world.

But that was when our cares were like feathers

They would float away or we’d share them together.

That was our most happy state

Lives filled with love up to the brim

No one ever looking grim.

The world was full of unity

There was no hate our eyes could see.

It shined as brightly as the sun,

Full of love and happiness.


We really must return to that, now you see

When the world was pure with unity.

But we too often rush along

Judging others on where they belong.

Surely anyone can easily see

This is wrong.


I challenge all to take a stand

Fight for all across the land.

Disengage from the worldly pride

Let go of hate, and set it aside.

I want to see the world as it was before,

Even if that was when we were four.

Return the world to its normal pattern

And let it spin to songs of love and happiness.


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