Does it Matter?

Because I love you, it shouldn't matter right?

The abrasions and bruises that you place on my skin again and again

Their  just apart of the superficial layer it doesn't matter as long as your love for me is still within

Because I love you, I wait until you leave to cry, because I like when you leave satisfied

The signifigance of your love is desperately needed, Becuase I love you I'll do what ever I can to save you, to save us 

But, sometimes I wonder where I would go if I wasn't bound to you 

What could I be, If I didn't listen to what you say about my future and what's in my head  

Am I important? Those thoughts that creep around in my head tell me to leave instead, I stay

Because I love you I don't wanna let you go, Because I love you I'm afraid to leave 

Is there anything else out there? Am I anything without you? 

But i'm afraid that If I stay we'll be stuck in this time warp of disapointment and it's not fair to you or to me

This love is unhealthy, jaded, and disturbed

I fear the future however, I must move on because we're not going anywhere together

I'm leaving tonight, I need to 

Because I love you 



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