Do You Really Want to Make The Sacrafice

Somethimes what we know is so wrong feels so right

We try to satisfy our flesh only for a night

Our grace our favour our annointing is now put on the line

All for sin

Do you really want to make the sacifice

To many times we say living for Christ is too hard it's not easy

All because the feeling of sins are oh so pleasing

We fall in his trap time after time

Why do you continue to make the sacrifice

Sin is left and right

Its high and low

Everywhere you turn

There sin go

As we fall from his glory continually time after time

We make the sacrifice

God can heal us

He can save us

Cleanse us and make us free

But how can he do that if we keep going back to sins that are filthy

We bow down to the world cause the  fight is to hard

But in the end we are making the greatest sacrifce of them all

We should not sacrifice for the world

We should sacrifce for God For he is the light the truth

There is no darkness in him at all

So next time sins come your way

I want you to stop and think twice

Is this really what I want to do

Do I really want to make the sacrifice

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