Do you know who I am?

Millions is what I accumulate
And if you’re reading this its too late
Like I always say better late than never
But never late is better
Born and raised in Toronto 
I’m the 6 God boy you should know
Graham is last my last name
But Degrassi gave me my fame
Went from shooting basketballs through the air
To rolling around in a wheel chair
They used to call me Jimmy 
Now I’m known as Drizzy 
That OVO and that Xo is all we ever believe in
And if you don’t think so, then that’s a sin.
When you’re just a young boy you think girls are icky. 
But now I’m in love with a girl named Nicki 
Chris thinks I stole his girl while he was in jail
I didn’t think it would last. Only time could tell
Was almost in a bind 
But there’s only one girl on my mind
All my beats and rhymes come straight from the dome
Nicki, baby just hold on we’re going home


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Our world
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