Do you even know?

Sat, 09/21/2013 - 16:47 -- mach633

You never did enjoy the phrase "I don't know".

Its like a terribly disease laced with your death throes,

and then you just go and throw me away.

Like the phrase I just said.

My grades slip away because you refuse to get in your head.

That I don't know,

and I probably never will.

Your too stubborn by your paycheck and your will.

That you refuse to fill my head with knowledge,

and unlock the keys that hold my college.

You mistake my statement with laziness;

Eeen though I try to make A's and this

is completely insane.

This repition is nothing but your mindless brain 

leading me down the pit. 

I don't know the answer,

but I expect you to teach me it.


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