Do Not Tell Me

Do not tell me our world is just finethat our youth is not brokenand the system is the token. Do not tell me all it takes to fix a broken heartis something simple as a plastered smilethat road is longer than eight miles. Do not tell me the broken self image a girl seescan be fixed with hospitalizationit’s just a sick categorization. Do not tell me the scars sustained from words like daggerscan be closed with the stitches of therapyand the glue of antidepressants as far as the eye can see. Do not tell me the tsunami of addictioncan be warded off by a garden fence of twelveor ridden on a surfboard of more xanax to delve. Do not tell me it’s normal, something we’ve all been throughbecause everyone has their own fighttheir own struggle and plight So don’t tell me all of this.Just acknowledge and smile,understand me and crouch downpick me up off the cold tile. Embrace all these people,these souls that are brokengather up all the shardsand don’t let go - that is the token.


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