Do I Really Want to Love?

Thu, 12/04/2014 - 15:23 -- AIM1219


I have lived in the past

In the dark and the light

I know good and bad

Black and white

But a man’s love I do not know

Does it exist and is it real?

Do you see stars when you walk around?

Do you feel butterfly’s in your stomach?

Or do you get sick that you don’t want to eat?

I do not know I have never fallen in love


In the shadows I search for love

But I try to stay away, to search in vain

It might be the thought of hurting my soul

Or possibly getting lost in a murky space


My friends have cried for the one they love

I have felt their pain right close to home

I’ll rather not love, I'll rather not mourn

I’ll rather stand underneath the clouds to feel the rain falling down

But then I ask, what’s life without love?

Is it lonely and gloomy?

Or blissful and sunny?

Curiosity still exists

And temptation is always there


Yet, I still refuse to let myself go

To surrender to that pain

To limit myself

I just simply ride the magical trains

They take me through a road that has no end


I will rather live life one day at a time

In a small world full of flowers and rain

Where I laugh all day long 

And sing with the birds

No love, no pain

I merely learn to live through letters and words

Creating a fantasy that goes beyond love

Therefore, do I really want to love?


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