Divine Wind

Red suns rise all around me.

Seventeen eighteen year old warriors;

Starting their one way trip across the ocean.

For our emperor I will become the divine wind of god.

I must not be afraid.


Entering a glorious death, so the newspapers and politicians tell us.

The spirits of our ancestors push us forward.

There is no surrender.

There is only victory or death.


 Red suns reflect on the ocean surface.

Mount Kaimon surrounded by fields of flowers;

Our southernmost island.

It is the last I will see of my beloved Japan.

I am afraid.


I think back.

A letter arrives, it tells of my decision.

My mother weeps but my father stands proud.

To protect what I love most, to bring my family honor;

I would gladly die a thousand deaths


“Don’t go!”

A soft voice calls from the haze of memory.

My childhood sweetheart, I’ve left her behind.

It is her face I picture at the final moment.

Please don’t cry for me, but smile instead.

For you I have become the divine wind of God.




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