Divided States Of America

Welcome to the divided states of America.
A land filled with craze hate for another race.
Is this the dream MLK wanted to create.
Countless generations of babies taught hatred.
We're stuck in a malignant matrix and we highly embrace it.
But it's time to cut the connection between mankind and evil.
The intolerance is murdering earth's people.
If violence was a movie 2014 would be the sinister sequel.
These hypocrites pose as heroes but their persona is see through.
They're not the truth they're casting an illusion to cause massive confusion.
To blind us toward their daily mischief.
They're destroying this continent but I'm making sure it gets rebuilt.
America I must ask how you all feel and how could we allow this ill-will to be build?
Now everyone is getting killed over nonsense.
Kids ready to fighting over thing that's irrelevant.
I will not be like the others and place blame on the president.
But there's an inside source that's containing the beast.
Every night it's roaming these streets every step it takes is cracking the concrete.
He's looking for lost souls to keep but I'm not letting cowardly power devour.
Everything in sight and eradicate our way of life.
Let's no longer divide time to reunite in the USA if we don't there's to hell pay.
And I'm hoping others think this way because I don't won't to see my society tumble down this way.



wow nothing but fact and the rythem it has true talent... u ma'am or sir is awesome

Monte The Poet

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