When life was a nemesis to her eyes

Three little pigs, her brothers you see

Were the pride of her parents...they laughed and stomped and put her down...

Not caring less about their younger sister Ruby

She hoped and cried for her parents to see her

But slowly and surely, she drowned…

Into that black hole of neglect and silence

A wolf she was, beautiful under the limelight of the moon beam

Her fur a rich ebony streak screamed beauty

To the milky speckles twirling high above in the ominous night

But to her parents she was an aberration

Afraid of her unique way of being distinct

From her older brothers Levi, Izuku, and Jean

However, the day came when she grew tired of this solitude

She wanted her parents to love her

And not turn a blind eye for who she had become

Mama and Papa, I'm here! she wished she could say

Wanting her dream to come to life she left in total frustration

Huffing and puffing she went to find Levi, her oldest brother, at his house

Brother! Brother! I am here…don't be afraid, please...! she howled to her beloved brother

But he listened in fear, for she was a wolf in a sheep’s clothing...

Always ready to prance upon its prey

Ruby, lost in her attempt in reconciling with her brother

She huffed and puffed



She blew down her brother's home


Hay spread throughout the air in a gentle swift as Levi ran

Straight for his second oldest brother's home...Izuku

Follow him Ruby thought

Right after him she went...

Desperation flowed into tears streaming down from her bluebell eyes

Brother, don't go...wait!

Levi ran for his life...pant pant

Izuku...open the door! he yelled

Izuku surprised by his brother's visit opened the door to his house built out of sticks

What's wrong? he questioned him

It's Ruby...she's after me! She's crazy just like our parents said!

Oh no... Oh no! Izuku, in total realization, sat down on his bed


She was here!

Open the door...please don't be afraid! she howled

The two little pigs blocked the door

Furniture upon furniture was mounted while their sister implored to be let in

As the minutes trickled by her temperament grew worse

That's it!! those words resonated inside of her

She huffed and puffed with all her might until...

The house was blown down

The two little pigs trembled and hugged each other as their sister approached

Levi...Izuku...I'm sorry she sobbed

At that moment, her brothers realized how vulnerable she looked


Why are you here...you monster! they shouted at her with disgust

Wiping her tears slowly away she simply said...

I’m here…to be finally accepted by my family

Her brothers weren't moved by this statement

How can you be ever accepted if you don't love like us...?

You're different than the rest...you love women, how is that normal?! Izuku questioned

Don't do this to me brothers...I'll try to be normal but...just stay with me, please Ruby begged

Silence filled the void Ruby felt in her heart

No... a monster will always be a monster!

Izuku and Levi both breaking the quietude ran away from her...

Heading towards Jean's home

No... don't leave!!! she stretched her arm as if she could stop them

One more time...I must try to be with them

She ran after them

Outside Jean's brick house Ruby huffed and puffed

But the house wouldn't budge

Desperately she decided to find another opening into the house

The chimney!

Her brothers without a moment's hesitation ignited the chimney

Ruby...without realizing what was happening had a big smile on her face

She was so close to her brothers...

She could imagine them smiling up at her…


She sacrificed herself for being who she was

Her brothers rejoiced without giving a second thought

That their sister was...




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