Distance is a funny thing.

To others, it is an investment of time worth laughing at

Simultaneously a vicious corruption that will always,

Without fail,

Tear love apart,

The second the commute shifts from minutes to hours to days

The moment the dollars climb from tens to hundreds to thousands,
The brick wall that chokes the life out of young love

Proving just how impossible it really is--  


And then there is us.


Distance is a funny thing.

It is a ticking clock,

Counting down the moments until physical contact isn’t a far off dream.

It’s a double edged sword that brings overwhelming joy when we reunite

It brings the warmest love with the most bittersweet undertones when we have the privilege to be in the same room as one another
Because the unwavering happiness is that moment of peace
Before our brains register the pain
As the sword twists in our guts
Bringing the coldest sting when the plane takes off.

Distance is a funny thing.
Although I can hear our hearts beating farther and farther away from one another,  

Until the climbing altitude silences the beautiful sound
Most recognize it as a hearts being ripped away,
But for us that is not love being torn.
That is warmth, neatly packed into a tight knit memory
That is always,

No matter what the distance,

Right within reach.

Distance is a funny thing

Because where all others see a waste of effort

We see a challenge

That someday we’ll look back on

And call

Our first adventure.



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