In the Distance

the path

I take

is long and twisted

teens and heartbreak

I thought i'd miss it.


In the distance,

there's my life,

hung out on the clothesline

For all to see,

what i want to be,

but can i truly?

Be me.


College, scholarships galore,

family friends and more more more

I'm drowning metaphorically

in something that might belong to me,

help me help me please oh please

I'm begging on my poor ol' knees

in the distance

i see

a world of hatred



in the distance

i see

adults and leaders

who serve their country.


Theirs people in the poor downtowns

drugs and famine galore

yet no ones screaming help me please

i'm begging on my two ol' knees

because in the distance

i see

fires burning



in the distance i see

a world of need

and help


in the distance i see these things

but yet where is me?




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