Disfruta, mija.

There goes one year

There goes another

And another

Time passes you faster than you would have anticipated

Faster than those bottles you  swallowed and thought brought you peace

Peace was never an option for you.

17 hours passed

Your eyes were closed from the world you know like the stranger amongst the other strangers

The liquid as bright and yellow as the sun that Huitzilopochtil created for you to lie under

Slithered down your throat like Quetzacoalt would in the sky

You closed the door on the world that you will so much adore

You lied beneath sheets that created tension all around you

You developed an addiction you thought you could never be freed from

All those years of your valuable youth slipped out of your hands

Admire the night sky as you will admire soon your skin that was lightly kissed by the sun god.

Disfruta tu juventud.

Clueless and ignorant you were and will continue to be for years to come.

But your time will come.

Just not now.


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