How do I explain?

How would YOU explain?

When he doesn't show up, when he's always late.

How do you explain to her, she's not even 8....

Here's How:

When she's jumping up and down cause she can't wait

To see her daddy again, for a whole week straight!

Just force a smile, close your eyes and pray....

When she packes her clothes and even cleans her room.

Finishes her chores early, cause daddy's coming soon

Don't look her in the eyes, it'll just be too cruel...

When he's an hour late, you'll notice something slight

Her expression will change, her smile not as bright

Don't let her see your anger, he's not worth the fight....

When another hour passes and she's glued to the door,

Suitcase in hand, remember when you were that girl?

Resist the urge to grab her and hold her on the floor....

Because there's nothing you can say when she can see

That he's not there again, and AGAIN she had believed...

Believed a lie, that's what she'll say when she's a teen

She's in pain, you can't let her be bitter and mean!

So what do you say to that little girl?

...Even though you already know?

You bite your tongue, say nothing at all

Cause words cut, but actions SHOW.

Show her love, so she'll never forget

That love is the answer to LOVE is best.

Then show her to forgive, cause then she'll see

Disappointment is pain, but forgiveness is RELIEF.


Dedicated to my darling little sister, who I'll call "L"


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