did i ever tell you about the time i got pushed down a flight of stairs cuz let me tell you this is worse

I am nothing but a disappointment-

I will fall short of all set before me.
Maybe you'll have some faith
then watch as I destroy it easily.
You may think I have a chance this time;
"I believe in you," you'll say,
as you take my face and squinch my cheeks,
and I will smile and look away-
"wait until tonight," I say to myself,
"when no one is around-
you'll write a crappy poem down,
and let yourself be drowned."
You don't need the issues
that I cannot detach;
you deserve a happy girl
who is perfectly your match.
I need the constant reassurance
I never seem to believe-
you need the fun and frivolity
that with me you'll never achieve.
So go off and be happy-
I promise I won't ask you to stay-
I send you with my blessings,
and I wish you many good days.
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