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Man: an adult, human male.

Man. Whose gender is defined solely by his genitals. 

Man. He who is strong, and brave, and masculine.

Man. That which, I am not. 

Man. That which, I am. 

Man. That which I strive to become.

Woman: an adult, human female.

Woman. Whose gender is defined solely by her genitals.

Woman. Who is kind, and beautiful, and feminine. 

Woman. That which, I am not. 

Woman. That which, I am. 

Woman. That which I desire to escape.


Tell me what I am. 

Who I am.

I have spent so many nights,

Staring at myself in the mirror. 

2:37 am.

I am a man. 

The mirror is gentle and let's me twist my image. 

3:28 am.

I am... a man.

I may be a bit short, a bit small. 

My hands are quite tiny.

Can't win them all.

4:04 am.

I am... I am...

My hips are too wide.

My voice is, so high.

My shoulders aren't very broad.

And there's no muscle on my thigh. 

5:29 am.

I am not a man.

I try to tell myself that the mirror always lies.

It always lies.

No surprise.

That I stand here, conjuring a hatred for the image I see reflected before me.


This is not who I am. 

This is not me.

But if it isn't I-

Who could it be?

For it it is not you, 

And it is not they,

Or them,

Or he-

Or she. 

This is,

Simply a reflection.

The refraction, of light.

Perhaps it is warping me.

And I am not this short. 

And not this slender.

And not this- 

Woman. Standing behind the glass. 

This is not me. 

The mirror-

Always lies.

I am a man.

And that is a lie. 




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