Diamond Sisters


United States
32° 27' 16.5348" N, 93° 42' 28.71" W

Not by blood, but by choice
A sister for any occasion
A shoulder to cry on
A lunch date
A dance partner
A study buddy
Some people don't understand
All they see are the stereotypes
The booze
The parties
The sex
It's not like that
We are scholars
We Live For Each Other
I was once told
"An ADPi is not something you become
It is something you already are"
And that is God's honest truth



I am an Alpha Delta Pi and all I want sometimes is for people to understand that the stereotypes about sororities simply aren't true. It hurts when I'm accused of being one way when there is absolutely no evidence to that fact. So please take a minute to meet someone Greek and actually get to know them before you judge them.

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