A dialog with the evening star



Above the twilight faintest glimmer,

end-summer evening turning to reddish dimmer.

The lonely star of love in dusky shine,

into the ocean of faint and far to prime.

Some sensing of splendor in awe as trail,

soft gleam and tender wonder bale.

I bow my heart in humility,

“Speak to me; I want to know your secret”,

a sweet voices spoke softly in spirit.

“My dear one, you are itself the art of love,

and the art to be beloved whom you adore”.

“Reflections from heaven on to earth,

that turn earthly desires into spirits of faith”.

“That freedom of space is found in the formless,

sparks, glance and dewdrop fortress”.

“Your presence in that immensity of space,

shows me your majestic providence”.

“The dimming of my light only in mourn,

when loving souls are in destinies storm”.

“The opportunity in life becomes a great pity,

when realized a too late reciprocity”.

“Thank you little star of mystic beginning,

and no ends in phenomenon mental spinning”.









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