devil shootout

Percs and molly in my casket so I can roll in heaven
Get a bad bitch up out of Magic, need a ho in heaven
I need me a TEC and I need me a stick, have a shootout with the devil
No weed up in my kingdom, Ben said that he need a seven, let's go
Cheat on my girl, I'ma fuck on that ho
If I go broke I'ma stick up a store
If you got to school, go strapped with a pole
Better not let a nigga come step on you, no
Got brand new shoes, don't step on my toes
I'm ready to fight with a nigga or ho
I leave out the class 'cause I gotta go
I'm gettin' head in the bathroom
They always talk 'bout me, no they don't know 'bout me
Gotta pray before I sleep, the devil talk to me
Gotta get 'em out my dreams, 'fore he take over me
Get down on my knees, like Lord don't cancel chi 

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My community
My country
Our world
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