deux epistles expressing flair


Rudimentary elements extant across    avast and near infinite universe
   comprise the essence of cosmological clime
Which motion akin to powerful chemical chain reaction
   the rubric called the continuum of space-time
Quantum Physics introduced    revolutionary notions to comprehend
   complexity constituting such intergalactic grease and grime
Science fiction theories formerly found in the rich imagination
   and also stores called five and dime
These far fetched hypothesis    no longer a bitter bill to swallow
   synonymous with awful tasting bad medicine, 
   which leave an aftertaste of lime
Whereby credence undermined outside scientific community
   but a source of rich material within milieu called mime
Now accepted as gospel due partly    to Homo Sapiens mental acuity
   debunking mythological paradigm    in trash bin of history
  their genius replacing utmost breadth, 
   height, length, width and prime
Mortal man now left reeling 
   with profound mysterious and jaw dropping
  surprise at birth and subsequent death 
   (a mind numbing millenniums in the future)
  Comprising not only our universe, 
   but also presence of parallel yet unreachable
   cosmic collections inducing poor attempt    to make words rhyme.
 Poetry back in vogue 
one need not be cosmopolitan nor urbane
but just a common and simple fellow
this bumpkin t’would never be called vain
doing his level best to ride the gravy train
   voicing sentiments in league like an ordinary swain
recounting how forebears occupied a royal reign
composing this, that or other anonymous quatrain
perhaps adorning an irish pen name like o’shane
one humble poet whose verse might beak culled plain
reaching to win the heart of this paramour in the main
imagining to take an idyllic stroll along lover’s lane
while small talk might chance to spur 
   a discussion  per the merits of citizen kane
with him a common joe holding hands with his jane
feeling worry and carefree while twirling his candy cane
with purposelessness as this ditty iz in ane.


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