Detachment: What is It?


Acknowledging It.

Barbie pink panties and an oversized tee
Time to pick her cherry tree
Innocence, gift and curse
Him playing doctor and her playing nurse

Rubbing and massaging her pure skin
All while wearing a sly fox grin
Snoring becomes his clue
She sees her name on his chest tattoo

His heavy breathing raises her curiosity
All while becoming a paucity
She discovers what comes next
All he wants is S-E-X

Escaping It.

Minor transforming into a house-wife
She knows this is not her life
Dishes in the sink, animosity within him
Tired of aiding as his victim

Fighting, screaming with holes in their trailer
Her bruising body needing an inhaler
Running past the hell to heaven border
Now it’s time to speak to a lawyer

Fearing It.

Claustrophobic room with two people
Bring the phone Sting, it’s time to get legal
Lies made up for trickery
28 minutes and six years of misery

Asking if she wanted him to go to jail
Praying no one would pay his bail
Guilty on all six counts
Michael John Cardinal III, sex offender, he’s now Pronounced!

Healing It.

Accepting the love she thinks she deserves
What gave him the damn nerve?
From victim to survivor
Knowing she’s always been a fighter.


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