Desperate Times


It’s just a little blip,

She said, but something held her back.

And then she felt a tiny drop

Sneaking from her eye,

And she knew that this

Meant something more

Or else she wouldn’t cry.


She closed her eyes,

Let out a scream,

Heard it echo all around,

Ricocheting off the bathroom walls

Before falling on the ground.


She let her eyes open again

And saw it laying there

A scream of desperation

That had once filled the air.

But now it was not strong at all,

Just small and broken, too

The way she felt inside

Until she thought of something new.


It’s just a little blip,

She said, repeating it again.

And maybe that was true for some

But somewhere deep inside

She knew that this was different

And she tried to run and hide.


The mirror pulled her back

And something made her stand and wait.

You’re better than this,

You know you are.

This isn’t a trick of fate.

These are your decisions

And you need to make a choice:

You can run away again

Or you can listen to my voice.


She turned around again

And tried to find the girl above

With the little voice, so small and sweet

That was filled with so much love.

Okay, she said and took a seat

Upon the cold hard ground

And listened once again

For the voice to come around.


I’ve got something to say

And you may not understand

But soon enough I’ll come

To try to help and take your hand.

You know there’s nothing I can do

That you can’t do yourself,

And you won’t accomplish anything

By putting your heart upon a shelf.


I know it’s easier

For you to give up and forget,

But listen to me now and

I promise you won’t regret.

You’re too strong and beautiful

To be hurting so damn much.

You are worth living for

And you should treat yourself as such.


I am not the only one

Who feels this strongly about you,

But they all know that I’m

The only one you’ll listen to.

I’ve been around for years

And I know your struggles well.

I want to help you work through them

And get you out of this Hell.


You want an easy task,

A solution to your pains,

But it’ll take much more than that

For you to break through all these chains.

They stand guard around your soul,

Protect you from the world,

But they also hide you from

All of the love that is unfurled.


You’re beautiful; you know you are,

So dry your tears now child.

Wipe the blood away,

Remember how you bright you once smiled.

You have a chance to change it all

And turn this pain into healing

But you know you can’t accomplish that

By holding in this feeling.


I’ll tell you, baby girl

It’s not as tough as it all seems.

You did it once already

 And you built up all these dreams.

You taught yourself to breathe

And you learned how to fly

So please don’t let all that hard work

Just go and pass you by.


She shook her head and one by one

The tears fell down her face

‘Cause now she knew this little voice

Really had been in her place.

She had been there every time

The world seemed to fall apart.

But now everything would be okay;

She could feel it in her heart. 



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